Woodworking Network: 3D Wood Object Printing Enabled by Universal Extruding Device

By Bill Esler

Wood paste and other materials can be printed using Structur3D Printing's   Discov3ry Universal Extrusion Device, said to be the first commercially available plug and play paste extruder that can be readily integrated into most 3D Printers already on the market.

Structur3D Printing says its Discov3ry paste extruder, being funded through a Kickstarter campaign and expected by December...

See more of what they had to say here: http://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/production-woodworking/woodworking-machinery-technology/3D-Wood-Printing-Possible-with-Universal-Extruding-Device-263220941.html

GLAMOUR: Bientôt du Nutella chez soi grâce à une imprimante 3D


L’entreprise américaine Structur3d printing est sur le point d’exaucer le rêve de tous les gourmands : réaliser des créations pâtissières grâce à un dispositif permettant d’imprimer une grande variété de matériaux, notamment alimentaires.

Avis aux amateurs de pâtes à tartiner en tout genre, Structur3d printing est sur le point de révolutionner le monde de la pâtisserie.


Read the rest of the story here (may require translation):  http://www.glamourparis.com/snacking-du-web/articles/bientot-du-nutella-chez-soi-grace-a-une-imprimante-3d-12062014/23055

TechCrunch: New 3D Print Head Makes It Easier To Print Nutella

by John Biggs (@johnbiggs)

As a man who loves things that come out of tubes, I am excited about the Discov3ry Extruder. Designed as an add-on to popular 3D printers, the system is essentially a plunger connected to a nozzle that squirts out pastes of various types including icing, Nutella, spackle, and silicone.

The product just launched on Kickstarter and has surpassed its goal of $30,000. The extruder itself should work on most major 3D printers including RepRap machines and Makerbots. The extruder itself attaches to the standard extruder tip of the printer and then you have to set the specifications for various substances, including the aforementioned Nutella.

Follow all the TechCrunch hype at: http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/11/new-3d-print-head-makes-it-easier-to-print-nutella/

Fast Company: Finally, A 3-D Printer That Can Sculpt With Silicone, Nutella, Or Pretty Much Anything Viscous

By Steve Melendez

Most 3-D printers are great at turning designs into solid structures, but can only build with one or two types of solid plastic. But a newKickstarter campaign from Ontario-based Structur3D Printingoffers an aftermarket add-on letting common printers work with a wide variety of gel materials to produce everything from silicone-based orthotic shoe inserts to custom cake toppers printed from icing sugar.

Read the story, which contains an interview with Structur3D's co-founder Andrew Finkle.

cnet: 3D-print with Nutella: Paste extruder takes on Play-Doh, icing

Go beyond plastics with the Discov3ry Extruder, a paste extruder on Kickstarter that turns a regular 3D printer into a Nutella printer.

Technology may soon turn us all into badass cake-decorating pros. The first step is to already own a 3D printer. The next step is to check out the Discov3ry Extruder on Kickstarter. It's a paste extruder designed to create 3D shapes with any pasty sort of material, including silicone, wood filler, certain types of clay, and delicious cupcake frosting.

Follow the story by Amanda Kooser here.

BetaKit: Waterloo 3D Printing Company Breaks Crowdfunding TARGET IN MERE HOURS


3D printing has boldly made its way into the consumer market. But most desktop printers are limited to printing plastics which limits what can be created with these machine despite the fact that they are capable of doing more.

Today a Waterloo-based company that has created an accessory for 3D printers blew by its crowdfunding goal in mere hours. The Structure3D extruder now stands at $30,815 raised on a $30,000 target. The gadget unlocks 3D printing potential, allowing it to go beyond plastic to print with silicone, wood filler, cookie dough and even nutella.

See the complete story here: http://www.betakit.com/waterloo-3d-printing-company-breaks-crowdfunding-target-in-mere-hours/

GigaOm: You can 3D-print cookies, play dough and shoe inserts with this 3D printer add-on

Structur3D thinks 3D printer owners should be able to print everything from conductive inks to clay. Its Discov3ry add-on is now available for less than $350 on Kickstarter.

Andrew Finkle and Charles Mire came together to found 3D printer companyStructur3D after hitting on the same problem: There was no great option for printing soft materials like dough, silicone and conductive paste.

Get the full story at GigaOm.