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Announcing the Discov3ry 2.0 - Two-Part Extrusion and Mixing Meets 3D Printing

Announcing the Discov3ry 2.0 - Two-Part Extrusion and Mixing Meets 3D Printing


In 2014, the Discov3ry paste extruder was successfully launched to bring paste 3D printing to a wider audience. Thousands of people worldwide are now using the Discov3ry to work with an expanded range of 3D printing materials. Additionally, Structur3d Printing has furthered its research of materials and methods for 3D printing with soft materials. As sales in the research market grew, we realized the need to provide a fully integrated printer system. The Discov3ry Complete became this flagship platform thanks to a partnership with Ultimaker.

By listening carefully to customer feedback over the past couple of years, we realized the next opportunity – the Discov3ry 2.0.

The Discov3ry 2.0 brings together 2-part materials with the simplicity of using the original Discov3ry for 3D printing. It is also is made for more industrial applications. As with the original Discov3ry, we will be offering the Discov3ry 2.0 Complete: the Ultimaker printer pre-integrated with the Discov3ry 2.0.

Discov3ry 2.0 Complete

“The Discov3ry 2.0 was a natural evolution of our technology. Customer feedback was very important to make sure we built something people wanted. The original Discov3ry opened 3D printing to thousands of materials. The Discov3ry 2.0 raises the material possibilities to tens of thousands,” says Charles Mire, CEO and Cofounder, Structur3D.

Please click here to learn more about the Discov3ry 2.0 and how you can order.


Andrew Finkle, our CTO, did an interview with Fabbaloo on the launch of the Discov3ry 2.0 and his visions for 3D printing pastes. Check it out here.