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PRESS RELEASE: Discov3ry, first universal 3D paste extruder, out in the wild


PRESS RELEASE: Discov3ry, first universal 3D paste extruder, out in the wild

Structur3d Printing ships first batch of extruders to fulfil Kickstarter promise

Waterloo, ON , February, 25, 2015: Since exceeding its Kickstarter fundraising goal by 400% last July, Structur3d Printing has been working hard to deliver on their promise. This milestone was achieved when the entire Structur3D Team hand-delivered the first Discov3ry unit to Beta Backer, Cameron Turner in the lobby of the Communitech Hub. Turner, who plans to use the Discov3ry at home, excitedly said, “The kids will be printing lots and lots of cookies.”

Photo by Meghan Kreller

A simple, ingenious, and affordable add-on solution, the Discov3ry gives printing enthusiasts the ability to do more with their existing 3D printers by experimenting with easily sourced materials like silicone, clay, cake frosting, conductive electric paint — and of course, Nutella.

With the first delivery complete and the manufacturing process finalized, Structur3d Printing expects to continue to ship batches of Discov3ry units in regular intervals until every Backer order is fulfilled. The extruder will be shipped to makers all over the globe including those residing in Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Japan, and Australia. 

Commenting on the company’s plans for the future, Chief Executive Officer, Charles Mire states, “We are looking at many ways to grow from the development of custom materials to strategic partnerships. Several research facilities around the world have ordered a Discov3ry to help pioneer innovation.”

About Structur3d Printing

A recent graduate of the HYPERDRIVE program at the Communitech Hub, Structur3d Printing is a Waterloo-based start-up dedicated to advancing the potential of 3D paste printing. Inspiring everyone from makers to industry leaders, they hope to become a brand name in the 3D printing world.

Twitter: @structur3dprinting