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3 Things to check out at the OCE Discovery Conference

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3 Things to check out at the OCE Discovery Conference

Every year the Ontario Center of Excellence holds an amazing conference called Discovery. It is by far the leading exposition of bright minds around the country. Both the speakers and the exhibitors are usually exceptional so it comes as no surprise that 2600 people attend each year. 

Exhibiting companies represent a multitude of sectors including 

Energy and Environment
Professional Services
Universities and Colleges
Advanced Health Technologies 
ICT and Digital Media 
Advanced Manufacturing 
Social Innovation

With a fully-packed schedule it will be impossible to see everything, so we have outlined a few things you do not want to miss:

1. Ask an Expert Panel 

This is an event that occurs Monday, April 27, between 3:45 and 5:45 in the Ask an Expert Zone.

This is a chance to foster some, always needed, business connections with experienced captains of the industry. Full list of participating experts here. Do not forget to bring a stack of business cards!

2. Bitcoin ATM

Hot in the news, Bitcoin has been a contentious subject. Nevertheless, tech enthusiasts seem to be slowly trying it out. If you remember, our co-founder Andrew Finkle actually gets part of his salary in Bitcoin. This is a good chance to test it out for yourself.  A company called BitAccess will be exhibiting their Bitcoin ATM on the showcase floor both days in the manufacturing section. Their technology allows anyone to deposit cash and instantly receive a digital wallet containing the equivalent in cryptocurrency. The future!

3. 3D Printed cookies

After a long day of walking around, you are definitely going to need a little boost. We invite you to visit the Cookie Station near the food area  to receive your very own OCE Discovery Cookie printed by our very own Discov3ries! And, of course, after you have done that, swing by to say hello to the rest of the Structur3d crew in the Energy, Environment, and Manufacturing Showcase.

Fortunately, the event so happens to be in Toronto, so there is absolutely no excuse not to make it out. Tickets can be bought here.

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