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2015 - What A Great Year


2015 - What A Great Year

What an amazing year it’s been, and how could it go any other way when it started with Andrew scoring a ride in a 3D printed car?

Looking back at last year’s Year-End post, it’s crazy to see how quickly things can progress. This time last year, we were just moving into our new space at 72 Leger Street, and working to streamline production and shipping. 

Fast forward 12 months, and we’ve shipped all Kickstarter and Beta Discov3ry units, and have opened up regular orders on AND recently-launched We’ve also streamlined and scaled manufacturing and shipping, and launched a community forum to not only keep in touch, but also share tips, tricks and projects with everyone. We’re not slowing down.

2015 by the numbers

I present you Exhibit ‘A’. In 2015, the Structur3D Team:

  • Attended
    • 2 World Maker Faires (San Fran and NYC)
    • 2 Maker Faires (Detroit and Ottawa)
    • 1 Mini Maker Faire (East Bay)
    • A Maker Festival (Toronto)
    • A Maker Expo (Waterloo)
  • Demoed at Mid West RepRap Fest, Target San Francisco
  • Co-Hosted Toronto 3D Printing Innovation Night
  • Attended Rapidx2, TCT, Inside 3D x2, Launch Scale, Inside 3D Printing, and 3D Printer World
  • Graduated from the first cohort of HAX Boost
  • Sent Discov3ry Extruders to more than 50 university research labs worldwide

As I’m the noob here, I wanted to see what Charles and Andrew thought of 2015.

Charles’ top 2015 moments

Well, I can’t really top starting out my year by officially becoming a Canadian citizen and shipping our first batch of Discov3ry units. I also gave two invited talks: “The Untapped Opportunities for 3D Printing with Soft Materials” (RAPID2015 Toronto) and “How to Build and Grow a Hardware Startup” (ACTION Conference 2015). I reconnected with my PhD supervisor when he came to visit Toronto in June, and of course, he saw the value of the Discov3ry and bought one for his lab. In December, I visited Saudi Arabia to train a customer at King Saud University on the 3D printer system he bought from us.

Andrew’s top 2015 moments

Obviously getting to ride in a 3D printed car is pretty close to the top of the list, along with shipping our first batch of Discov3ry units. Getting to see the 3D printed Shelby Cobra is up there too. I also really enjoyed working with the co-op team throughout the summer. Overall, you can't really beat attending Hax in San Francisco, after a whirlwind tour of NYC Maker Faire, and the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, and finally getting back to Canada after nearly 2 months of traveling.

See you in 2016!

We’re going to take some time to visit with our friends and families over the holidays, and of course spend time in the lab extruding, experimenting and exploring.

Don’t worry, we’ll share in the fun. Don’t be shy to share your projects either. We love seeing what you’re up to with your Discov3ry Extruders.

We wish you and your family the happiest of holidays, and we’ll talk to you next year (Sorry, couldn’t resist the worst Dad joke ever).