This is the first year Structur3D Printing will be exhibiting at NPE2018: The Plastics Show (, from May 7-11 in Orlando, Florida.

We are certainly very excited to be demonstrating our soft materials 3D printing technology at the NPE show, but we are also extremely delighted to explore the showroom of nearly 2200 exhibiting businesses.

Earlier this week, we took some time to see which other companies would be exhibiting at NPE that would be interesting to check out.  We wanted to share a list of businesses influential in the area of new materials for 3D printing (as we see this as THE most important area for growth).  Make sure to add these companies to your NPE Agenda today!

Here are our top seven (In no particular order):

1)    Autodesk – (

Autodesk has been heavily involved with 3D printing advances for a long time. They make the Fusion360 design software, and the company acquired the more consumer grade Tinkercad a couple of years back. They have a really cool facility at Pier 9 in San Francisco where they bring in talented artists and engineers to explore the horizons of manufacturing and design.

Autodesk's booth is located at West Hall Level 2 - Expo Hall - W8147.

BASF is a global materials company which has been involved with manufacturers for decades, and has been forging advances in 3D printing, as well.

BASF's booth is located at South Hall Level 1 - Expo Hall - S15023.

3)    Desktop Metal (

Desktop Metal has been making some significant advances in metal 3D printing, from the desktop to the production floor. Their printers can fabricate objects using aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and a selection of alloys.

Be sure to stop by Desktop Metal's booth at Room S230-7.

4)    Essentium (


Essentium Materials is known for their flash weld process for FDM printing, which makes the printed parts stronger. We first met the Essentium team at the inaugural Construct3D Conference last year. They’ve been working with BASF to pioneer new filaments for 3D printing.

Essentium Material's booth is located at South Hall Level 1 - Expo Hall - S23156.

5)    Foam Creations (

Foam Creations, our neighbours from Canada, makes some really interesting foam materials for a wide variety of applications. Why is foam material interesting to us? Because we can 3D print with foam materials using our Discov3ry 2.0!

Foam Creations' booth is located at South Hall Level 1 - Expo Hall - S32085.

6)    ProtoLabs (

Protolabs is a manufacturing services company, and their services include 3D printing, CNC Machining, and Injection Molding.

Protolabs' booth is located at South Hall Level 1 - Expo Hall - S24147.

7)    Stratasys (

Stratasys is one of the original 3D printing companies. Over the past 30 years, they have developed numerous advancements in materials and printing technologies. Along the way, they acquired a few other 3D printing companies.

Stratasys' booth book is located at South Hall Level 1 - Expo Hall - S20159.

Thanks for taking a look at our Top 7 list of exhibitors to check out at NPE 2018, we really hope it helps with planning your agenda.

If you are attending NPE2018, we’d love to visit with you! Our booth is located in the South Exhibit Hall – Room S230-13.  You can also request a meeting with our CEO, Dr. Charles Mire, to discuss advanced materials for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing.


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See you in Florida!