A Fully Integrated 3D Printer System

Today is an exciting day for us as we officially announce our new Official Ultimaker Reseller status. With this mutual partnership, we are now offering a top-tier, fully integrated, Ultimaker+Discov3ry solution to our customers - THE DISCOV3RY COMPLETE

The Discov3ry Complete allows you to focus on designing and printing instead of the set up. We do the electronic integration in the E3 lab so that each system can arrive to your doorstep fully integrated allowing you to seamlessly move between printing with plastic and then paste materials.

Why Ultimaker? 

Over the past few years, we’ve been using a selection of Ultimaker printers for various projects in our E3 lab from product ideation and prototyping to manufacturing. We know the quality and reliability of an Ultimaker printer is the perfect partner for the Discov3ry Paste Extruder. Not to mention, the open architecture makes it a very easy printer to use and maintain.

How Do I Order the Discov3ry Complete?

One thing we’ve seen time and again with our customers is that every project is different, meaning the exact requirements can vary. We want to ensure you’re getting the right system for the materials you’re using so that your prints come out the way you need. Because of this, we chat with you to get more details on what you’re looking for, and recommend the best solution for the best results. Contact us to get your personalized quote.

Don’t worry, we know that many projects involve confidential designs, materials and IP. We take privacy and security very seriously and will work with as much or as little detail as you can share to ensure you’re getting exactly the set up you need for success.

Check out the new product page at Structur3D.io/Discov3ry-Complete  for more info and specs, and as always, stay tuned for new projects out of the E3 labs. Our team is always hard at work extruding, experimenting, and exploring the possibilities.