Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard in the E3 lab to bring you the next update to our Discov3ry Paste Extruder. We’re happy to announce that today’s the day. So, what’s new?

Starting this week, all Discov3ry units will ship within 1-2 weeks from order date, and will include updated motors, gears, and hardware. 

Stronger Stepper Motors Decreases RPM

The planetary gearbox on the motor has been reduced from 100:1 to 51:1. In laymen’s terms, you’ll be pushing the same volume with half the revolutions meaning your motor will not have to work as hard to create your print.

This will especially help when printing more viscous materials (think non-Newtonian fluids, clay, ceramic etc.).

Updated Look Improves Durability

You’ll also notice a visual change to the hardware. The internal plating is now Powder-coated white making the interior less prone to scratching and easier to clean. The face plate and wiring has also been updated to a fresh, solid white making the whole unit consistent and aesthetically pleasing. 

Gearing Redesign Increases Reliability

Our upgraded system uses an internal gearbox ratio of 5:1 that we redesigned to improve reliability and durability. This brings the overall gear ratio of the Discov3ry to 255:1.

For those of you who are using some of our existing materials on the blog and forum, you’ll need to ensure you’re updating your settings to account for the change. Check out this forum thread for details, or if you have questions.

New Cartridges - Coming soon

For those of you who already have a Discov3ry, we’ll be updating our cartridge offering over the next couple of months. The new, stronger syringes will be individually packaged and sterilized for safety, especially when working with medical-grade or edible materials.

The added strength will also allow for a wider range of pastes to be used without putting added stress on the motor.  These syringes will be available to order in various quantities to better suit each project’s needs. Stay tuned for updates on availability timing.


You can get your updated Discov3ry from the Structur3D store or Amazon.com. We can't wait to see what you make with your Discov3ry extruder. Be sure to share with us in the Forum and on Twitter and Facebook