One day you find yourself tinkering in your workshop, trying to make something happen. Then Kickstarter happens and suddenly you have hundreds of people telling you they believe in your idea. The validation is something you’ve never felt before. What happens next is a marriage between you and your backers - bound by the promise of delivering a quality product.

This is when Structur3d reached its initial $30 000 Kickstarter goal:

The initial thrill, however tremendous, soon got over shadowed by reality. By the end of the month, we had raised over $125000 and promised 384 backers we would build and deliver them an awesome 3D paste printing extruder. Raising the money was the first barrier, arguably the simplest one.

We learned many lessons through the growing pains of starting a manufacturing operation through crowdfunding. As any new hardware company will tell you – supply chain management is not easy. Pushing back your deadline because of unforeseen issues is certainly disappointing and sending your backers Kickstarter updates like this is tough.

Though, behind the scenes our dedicated team was working hard to make everything right, and shipping a high-quality product was our top priority. Managing customer relations is another thing you have to learn on the go. When you have backers getting antsy that they haven’t seen a product yet, you have to be transparent in your response.

We would like to thank everyone who funded this project, our friends and family, our mentors, and the community for their support. It took many people pulling together to make this Kickstarter campaign a successful one. A special thank you goes out to Communitech and the Accelerator Center for giving us a place to thrive. Even with delays, we were able to fulfill all of the orders within one year (okay a little bit over one year).

As for the future of Structur3d, we have begun regular orders of the Discov3ry. The plan is to work with partners and retailers to get the Discov3ry into more peoples’ hands.

“This Kickstarter campaign helped bring together a group of people interested in 3D printing soft materials. We’ve worked hard to get the Discov3ry to you, our backers, and we truly look forward to seeing what you create.
 -Charles Mire