Last weekend, March 20-22, my brother and I attended MRRF 2015, which I now know is pronounced 'MERF 2015,' not M-R-R-F. Boy did we have a great time with fellow RepRappers and 3D printing companies.

The turnout over the 2 days was over 600 people and most of them decided to set up a demonstration of their passion for the 3D print world. There was everything from graphene nanomaterial suppliers to the famous 15' SeeMeCNC PartDaddy pumping out 4' garbage containers.  Exciting!

Instead of trying to describe the event to you, we have put together a couple videos showing some cool technology and the excitement of the event as well as an album of over 100 photos from MRRF. I hope you enjoy even a fraction of the amount I did.

Here is Spiderman being drawn on a delta style 3D printer at the table, built by member Jay B.

Here are some photos taken by Adam and I of things around the show we loved.  Turns out we took pictures of pretty much everything.

To give an idea of the crowd at MRRF, here is a brief timelapse at our table.

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