Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen a lot of great progress, and that got us thinking, ‘what is the best way to keep us on this trajectory?’ As we ramp up the next phase of our growth, the answer is obvious.

We are expanding our marketing efforts to better tell the Structur3D Printing story. Today we’re happy to introduce you to the newest member of the Marketing Team, Melanie Masson.

Melanie comes to us from the mobile technology world, where she’s spent the last eight years developing digital and content marketing programs for mobile carriers and device manufacturers.

Over the next couple of months, you can expect to see more Discov3ry content updates, behind the scenes at Structur3d Printing, info on where we’ll be demoing the Discov3ry extruder, and this is only the beginning

To kick things off, we sat down with Melanie to get to know her better. Here are the highlights:

Where are you from, Melanie?

I was born in Toronto, but grew up in a very small town (~2000 people and not a single traffic light) 1.5 hours east of Toronto.  I moved to Waterloo for university, and after a few stints in Toronto and Australia, I found my way back to KW four years ago.

Have you always wanted to be in marketing?

Sort of, but more so I always knew I wanted to work with people and brands. My education was focused in the communications world, but I always loved the creative side of marketing, and took every opportunity to steer my career into this world.

Why Structur3D Printing?

I love technology. Most of my professional career to date has been based in the telecom industry. I started at a time where the mobile world hadn’t yet met the iPhone or Android. I’ve enjoyed being part of the industry’s evolution. It’s crazy to look back and see how far mobile has come in the last 5-8 years.

Similarly, consumer 3D printing is also in its infancy, and with Structur3D’s unique offering with Discov3ry, I am pumped to again be on the ground floor with a thought-leader working towards something bigger.

First thing you printed?

I had to see the Nutella in action - A chocolate ‘M’.

Favorite piece of technology?

I love movies. So any piece of viewing technology that lets me watch a fave flick wherever I am is a must-have. Right now, I live for Chromecast.

Something most people don’t know about you?

I am a morning person and I don’t drink coffee – ever. Or any hot beverage actually. I am just naturally caffeinated (Read: It’s never too early for a Diet Coke).

Dogs or cats?

While I don’t mind the few cats I know, I am a dog person through and through.


Welcome to the team Melanie!  

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