Today, Structur3d Printing has become a real company, with paying customers, and a community of backers eagerly awaiting the arrival of Discov3ry: a universal paste extruder for desktop 3D printers.  

Our pastruder Kickstarter campaign has officially surpassed our funding goal of $30,000. 

With about 80 units of the Discov3ry ordered so far, we can't wait to begin manufacturing them.  But we also want to keep the early momentum going. So we're announcing our first stretch goal!

If we reach $65k, we will double the number of complete cartridge sets from 3 to 6.

That means anyone who orders a Discov3ry will receive:

6 x 60cc reloadable food-grade syringes;
6 x 30cm reusable foodsafe plastic tubing;
6 x male luer lock / tubing connectors;
6 x female luer lock / tubing connectors;
and an assortment of Luer lock tips.


Help us reach our first stretch goal by sharing with your friends.

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Campaign Momentum

A snapshot of our Kickstarter dashboard

A snapshot of our Kickstarter dashboard

We quietly launched the campaign last night, to give our friends, family and early supporters a chance to be early bird backers. We honestly thought we'd be able to keep it quiet until this morning, but we had our first backer within minutes. Despite being hidden among a massive number of Kickstarter campaigns, someone found us, and decided they believed in what we were doing... and more people just kept coming. 

Then a couple of the 3D printing blogs picked us up, and by the time I woke up early this morning, we were at $15k!


Thank you to everyone who helped us to get where we are today!