The Bay Area Maker Faire is ground zero for the cutting edge in DIY and maker technology. It's the place to go to see the future of democratizing technologies, that distribute the means of production.

We're super thrilled to be unveiling our new Discov3ry Universal Paste Extruder at the event. 

We'll be demoing the Discov3ry extruder printing a ton of different materials that you never would have though possible, including latex, wood filler, polyurethane, silicone, icing sugar, and even Nutella!

We're also excited about all the other awesome startups we'll be sharing the experience with.

One thing we noticed, was that there wasn't much detail given about the startups that were chosen to exhibit and what they've been working on. So we put together a list of the ones that we're the most excited about (though they're all awesome).

You can find us, and the rest of these startups in the Startup Tent (map).


AIO Robotics

This is the Zeus by AIO Robotics, it is the World's first all-in-one 3D printing machine which works as a printer, scanner, faxing machine and as a copier.

It's a bold move, and only time will tell if everyone will one day have "fax machine for thing", but we love that they're going for it. 


Adam Beane Industries

At our core, we're materials people, and we believe that having new materials to create with is essential to advancing 3D printing.

Adam Beane Industries has developed materials with really interesting properties, designed for sculpting.  Cx5 is a temperature sensitive material that behaves like clay, wax, plastic, and even paint at different temperatures. 

We're excited to check them out!


AgIC Inc.

AgIC is printing circuits on paper using "magical conductive ink".  This introduces amazing new possibilities for tinkering with circuits at home!


Bot Factory

Squink is another Electronic Circuit Printer produced by the company known as Bot Factory. It prints conductive traces and then glue components directly onto the board.


Carbide 3D

Carbide 3D' has created a beatiful, fully integrated, ready-to-run CNC machine: The Nomad 883. It includes all of the hardware and software you need to take your 3d file and make a part.


Carbon origins


Going beyond democratizing the tools of making, Carbon Origins is democratizing space. Their mission is "To empower people with the best tools possible to explore the universe".

They design flight computers, small-to mid-size satellites, sounding rockets and microcomputers with embedded sensors. The rockets are designed to be fast-recyclable and can carry scientific and computerized payloads to determine different types of data. It is expected that the first commercial payload will be taken to space by the fall of 2015.


Promoting the education of young makers is a core part of our philosophy. We even made a video about it!

That's we like HackAway so much. They provide affordable mentorship and instruction in basic electronics hacking and programming skills to middle and high school students. 


LightUp Learning


Another company that helps young makers learn! Lightup's electronics kits integrate with iOS and android apps to make it easier to understand what's happening inside a circuit as you build it!



MadeSolid are materials people just like us, and they're developing materials for the advancements of 3D Printers.

The most famous and widely used product produced by the company is known as PET+ Filament. It is a high quality filament that balances superior mechanical properties and ease of use. Compared to ABS or PLA, it is more flexible which makes it an excellent material for Wearables and Prototypes. PET+ filament is also compatible with several FFF Printers due to its 1.75mm and 3mm sizes.


Makeblock is an open source construction platform to turn ideas into success.

No matter what your ideas are, Makeblock provides various mechanical parts and electronic modules to make them possible, such as beams, plates, connectors, motors, brackets, sensors, drivers and controllers, etc.


Other Machine Company

The Other Machine Company (awesome name), creates both hardware and software to make deskto CNC milling easy, fun and reliable.

The beautiful Othermill will be at home on your desk, in your workshop, or on your kitchen table.



Pinshape is an online community, that appears to be a cross between Pinterest, Dribble and Shapeways for 3D designers. You can upload your own designs, re-pin other peoples designs, purchase a design to print, or even have it printed for you!


Quintessential Universal Building Device Inc.

The Quintessential Universal Building Device Inc. produced a remarkable 3d Printer device known as the OneUp 3d Printer. It's a wonderfully simple, and affordable device!


Rise Robotics

Rise Robotics has developed an awesome series, of battery powered, affordable linear servos called Cyclones. Cyclones have power at prices similar to pneumatic cylinders.

The mechanics of their device is such that they behave remarkably like a human muscle, and they're mesmerizing to watch in action.


Taktia LLC

Taktia have a very interesting way of combining digital intelligence, and off the shelf tools to create a human driven, CNC machine! 

They  equip a standard handheld router with a means of knowing its precise location on a workpiece, and the ability to make corrections under computer control. The user, guided by a display, moves the tool to roughly follow a digital plan, and the tool makes minor adjustments to stay precisely on the plan.


Tinkerine Studios

Tinkerine's Ditto has a unique open C frame printer, with a removable build platform.  We've heard great things about the quality and performance of the Ditto.



The uARM is a miniature, 4-axis Arduino-powered robot arm for your desktop. 

The standard configuration has a suction cup powered grabber, and you can control it from your phone or laptop via your mouse. 


The Bay Area Maker Faire is a massive event, you can find us here, plus these startups and more in the startup tent shown here on the map:


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