It's a big one this week with lots of important updates, hope you enjoy!

Communitech HYPERDRIVE Centre Stage

If you were unaware, Structur3d Printing, is one of 5 companies in the fourth cohort of the Communitech HYPERDRIVE seed accelerator.  We started this 6 month program in March 2014 and our time is coming to an end, so we are having a celebration! 

It is typically tradition for startup accelerators to end with a Demo Day where the companies are put in front of a room of investors; instead, Communitech is taking a slightly different approach with Centre Stage on Thursday, September 18th, 2014.

This new take on Demo Day will give you the first look at the progress and accomplishments of our current cohort and selected alumni as well as showcase startups from other Canadian accelerators.

Charles has been working VERY hard on his pitch for this evening, it is quite impressive (and funny)!  If you are in the KW region next Thursday, we would love if you could make it out to our graduation (tickets available here). Don't worry if you can't join, we will be posting updates and the presentation will be available on YouTube shortly after.