Primary Role

Develop and deploy marketing strategy by studying economic indicators; tracking changes in supply and demand; identifying customers and their current and future needs; monitoring the competition.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Contributes to marketing effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range issues that must be addressed; providing information and commentary pertinent to deliberations; recommending options and courses of action; implementing directives.

  • Obtain market share by leading and managing multiple online marketing activities for Discov3ry and other products in the development of high performing digital content.

  • Maintains relations with customers by organizing and developing specific customer- relations programs; determining company presence at conventions, annual meetings, trade associations, and seminars.

  • Provides short- and long-term market forecasts and reports by directing market research collection, analysis, and interpretation of market data.

  • Define and implement standardized processes across the organization to improve efficiency of content creation and marketing management.

  • Influences present and future products by determining and evaluating current and future market trends.

  • Develops new uses for existing products by analyzing statistics regarding market development; acquiring and analyzing data; consulting with internal and external sources.

  • Maintains research database by identifying and assembling marketing information.

  • Assist with channel strategy and sales tactics.

  • Develop/maintain relationships with key industry partners (i.e. media influencers, mainstream media outlets, and sponsors).

  • Oversee the development, production, and distribution of marketing communications for the company including promotional and collateral materials to support sales and marketing programs.

  • Develop and maintain cross-divisional marketing relationships to help develop and promote unified growth strategies and programs.

Objectives and Outcomes

  • Develop an overarching marketing strategy and implementation plan covering year end 2016.

  • Identify market needs and hone in ideal solutions for increasing conversion of target market.

  • Develop inbound marketing content to attract new visitors to all of Structur3d's platforms.


Entrepreneurial Mindset, Client Relationships, Coaching, Managing Processes, Self-Motivated, Marketing Plans, Customer Focus, Marketing Research, Statistical Analysis, Developing Budgets, Financial Planning and Strategy

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About Structur3D Printing

Structur3D Printing is pushing the boundaries in 3D printing. We are a 3D printing technology company bringing soft materials to the 3D printing market. With Structur3D’s flagship product the Discov3ry Extruder, 3D printer users of all interests can expend the current capabilities of their printer without the need to buy another printer. The Discov3ry is an add-on compatible with the majority of 3D printers in the market and is easily integrated by the end user. Structur3D Printing is manufacturing, assemble and test locally in the KW region.